Desing table Diamond at ART Fest 2017

The first international fair of art the Atelier ART Fest has just begun in Industrial Palace in Prague 7 and the Vilem Fric pieces of works can not be missed.  You can admire the fine art from today 9th June till 11th June 2017.

Sale is part of the fair, if you are interested in owning original masterpiece. Point of this fair is to bring work of present artist to the general public, inspiration to the gallery managers and contacts to interesting artists that they can present in their galleries.

On the fair sculptor introduce new design table from limited edition “Diamond”, or interior fountain “Venustas”.
Fountain is made from stainless stell with granite marbles. Whole mechanism is build inside and is controlled with remote control. Fountain light, floating mist, water movement and beuaty of glowing streams evoke miraculous of life-giving water and wakes up inner peace. There will also be displayed some of the glowing statues from stainless steel with Czech crystal of smaller dimensions from present realization, for example statue “Necklace for Astarte”

In author´s own words: “I respect traditions, history, legacy, …Inseparable part of my work is whole story of some of my pieces. Work process, or “Lineage” if you want. Clients will get not only workart itself, but they will get information about its whole history, specific work process (sketch, fotodocumentation from realisation to instalation and sometimes videos).