Art Prague 2022 – Vilém Frič presented the brand new fountain Ariela

Vilém Frič presented his newest works at Art Prague 2022, 21st contemporary art festival. Especially for this renometed exhibition he made a brand new fountain called Ariela “I was inspired by the story of Ariel the Little Mermaid. Just as Ariela turns into water foam in the story, the living water surface turns into a stainless steel mirror surface in this fountain. Ariela floats above the water surface on a stem creating the impression of a levitating flower in space.  Thanks to modification of mirrored shape I created a new limited edition of design stainless steel trays creating the impression of the water surface again. I called them „The Puddles“,  explained the process of creating Vilém Frič.

The whole exhibition was in the spirit of the author´s last stage work. In addition to the already mentioned Ariela fountain made of stainless steel, he also introduced a more subtle industrial fountain called Aventurin Spring and the fountain Living & Dead Water created in cooperation with his father Jiří Frič.

Three lighting sculptures inspired by Greek mythology, headed by a sculpture of Descent of God Zeus, the Gaia Legacy and Four Weird Sisters, also gained their attention. These sculptures are unique in their two uses as an art object, but it can also serve as intimate lighting. Switching light on by fine touch and changing the light intensity makes them mystical and at the same time you can create a slightly different atmosphere every time.

Kinetic sculptures were also represented, this time by a sculpture called “Moody”, whose form you can adjust according to your mood. It is also worth mentioning a number of exclusive design accessories of the limited collections called Hole, whose purpose is up to each of us. In order to create them the author uses a sculptural approach, so each piece is a hand made original and at the same time maintains its primary practicality, function and basic morphology of the series.