Christmas Flagship arrives at silver 3rd Advent Sunday

We are entering the silver 3rd Advent Sunday! Today we present you our new Christmas “Friendship Flagship”.
With love and respect for Christmas traditions, we have made a new candleholder for you – the Christmas Friendship Flagship, which is based on the tradition of 5 candles. We are lighting up the third of five candles, the Friendship candle. We also present  a limited candelholders collection made from stainless steel and wood.

We are preparing another inspiring sculptural piece for you on the golden Sunday of Advent, so don’t forget to follow us. We wish you a beautiful silver Sunday and may the glow of our candles warm you up at least for a moment and you have time to sit with friends and family. Sincerely, the team

Christmas Flagship and its symbolism of 5:

1st Candle – Hope: lit on Iron Sunday
2nd Candle – Peace: lit on Bronze Sunday
3rd Candles – Friendship: lights on Silver Sunday
4th Candles – Love: lit on the last Advent – golden Sunday.
5th Candle – a symbol of Jesus Christ. It was set in the middle and set on fire on Christmas Day after sunset (see Wikipedia). Or you can light this candle as a memory of those who are not here with us anymore.