The Art for Rest exhibition on Waltrovka impressed with the originality of the works

The harmonious interplay of the art and space that was the recent exhibiton of the Artforest atelier which took place in the past two weeks in the Waltrovka area of Prague.
Academic artists Vilém and Jiří Frič presented the best of their work here.

The beauty and uniqueness of the sculptural design, art sculptures and fountains, mostly made of stainless steel, stood out perfectly in the airy space.
The exhibition was divided into three concecutive thematically separated rooms. The first welcome room was a kind of presentation of the work of both authors, while the dominant here was the interactive sculpture Moody by Jiří Frič and Dragonfly by Vilém Frič made of stainless steel, which enjoyed great admiration.

The next room was literally a plathora of scupltures and design by both autohors, which were complemented by a breathtaking view of Prague. The Living dead fountain standing in the center of all works and completing the atmosphere, certainly enjoyed the greatest attention. The fountain was created by both authors together for several months.

The last room thematically focused on the Greek world of deities and presented the work of Vilém Frič in recent times. Stainless steel light sculptures in combination with glass predominated here. It is definitely worth mentioning the industrial fog fountain Olymp or unique gilded piece of Ambrozie.