hitade africana

Hitade Africana Table


Stainless steel, fusing glass (2015)
200 x 100 cm
More information: http://artforest.eu/

Habitats tables are designed and technically designed such that
they live together with us, not only in mutual symbiosis, but also
in harmony with each other, we know how to take care of them,
to be part of this fragment and your friends or family invite to this
This is related to a detailed study of habitat, or technical lighting
solutions that are part of the whole concept. The design of the
table is designed so that at least a small fragment of nature
automatically slip into our everyday lives.

“Dining and coffee tables with specific types fragments of
habitat from different countries. The intention is to ensure that
everyone can have at least a sliver of habitat, which is close to
him at his home or at work.” MgA. Vilém Frič.

The green island grows from the center of the glass: Czech
biotope – (Central European basiphillic thermophilic oak). Sample
of a species key indicator of a particular section of nature, but
also material metaphor of oak processing from which the table
legs are made.


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