The Fountain of Ariela or The Little Mermaid comes to live again…

Brand new fountain presented at Art Prague 2022, the 21st contemporary art fair.

“I was inpired by the story of Ariel the Little Mermaid. Just as Ariela turns into water foam in the story, the living water surface turns into stainless steel mirror surface in this fountain. Ariela floats above the water surface on a stem creating the impression of a levitating flower in space. Thanks to modification of mirrored shape I create a new limited edition of design stainless steel trays creating the impression of the water surface again. I called them „The Puddles“.


„My main idea which I try to impress to my works is that the art should enrich us, awaken our emotions, fantasy and lead to thinking or dreaming. It´s my inner energy, feeling of urge, fantasy and need to creat what drives me further and do not leave me in inaction.”